Midlands Hiking Club
Bulwer Mountain Day Hike
3July 2011

Photos & Report by Dave Sclanders

4 Hardy hikers met at Bulwer to experience the Bulwer Mountain Day hike.

The morning was fresh, and clear, with slightly nippy breeze snapping at us all day. I have not done this hike for many years, however as we hiked, old memories started to come back. In one place the path disappeared completely, and after a short scout around, we found it at a higher level. There seemed to be no logical reason why it should just stop where it did. Later , we decided to do a “short cut” up the slope to get to the summit quicker – just remember there are no “easy short cuts” in the berg. The path was longer, but may have been easier. The view was a bit hazy in the distance, but one could still get an idea of the surrounding countery side.

From the top we could see the Para gliders airstrip far below us, so decided to pay them a visit on the way home

On the way down we rested in a sunny , protected spot by a stream to have an early lunch. It seemed to be a good warmish place for lunch, as the little breeze was cutting and snipping all around the mountain.

We spent some time with the para gliders, who were needless to say very well dressed for the occasion. They commented that it was not the warmest day to fly in , however the wind was “just right” to practice take off and landings.

We followed the main path off down the hillside towards our cars, but then decided to take a bit longer, round route as we were still in plenty of time to get back.

Nearing the end , we could lack back up the mountain side and say – “WE WAS THERE”, a good day enjoyed not far from home.

After coffee at the hotel , we left and arrived home in time to do whatever we still had to do on a Sunday afternoon