Cobham – tenting week end
Southern Berg
21-22 May 2011
Report & Photos by: Dave Sclanders

The club tenting week end hike at Cobham was attended by a few “hardy hikers”, as Cobham has a history of a cold and wet Southern Berg. However, the weather on this week end was particularly glorious , with great warm days and incredible views of the high berg of the area. Hodgson’s Peaks, the main feature of the area, just seemed aso close to us.

On Saturday morning we headed out on an exploration hike to the high Indlovini Ridge . On the way we were lucky to see a group of Eland in the valley just below us. Then we started the fairly easy long climb up to the top of the ridge. The day was warm , the views were clear and far , so we took our time in getting to the top, with frequent stops to rest and look.

Near the top a large rock wall seemed to have a cap on , as a balancing rock perched on the top of this large rock face. Then suddenly we were looking down the other side into deep and far spreading valleys of the area.

A long rest was taken up here, taking in the views of Hodgson’s Peaks, and the surrounding valleys.

We eventually wondered down the other side to a place where we had lunch in the shelter of a rocky outcrop , that also afforded good views of the area in front of us.

It is always worth a good look at the high rock bands – you never know what you may see sculptured out of the rock by wind and rain. Sometimes these scenes are only seen with specific sun shine falling on them . In this case a strange “ alien face”, and another ancient face looked across to the vast mountain range

Back at the camp supper was enjoyed in the really “fresh air” of the evening, then next morning the rising sun promised a clear warm day .

After breakfast we headed out in a different direction , and climbed up to another vantage point to see and enjoy the moment

Later we walked past a large collection of wind blasted rocks that gave the rocks an impression of being a great group of tortoises hanging out together.

Then on the way home, we turned and went down over the brown grass hills of the Nature Reserve, and looked down onto the green , irrigated farms of the Himeville area. Dairy is a big of the farming activity of this area, and winter feed needs to be irrigated to produce fodder for the cows. It was a great contrast, and a very peaceful scene to come across.