Wonder Valley Cave
15 16 January 2011

Photos and comment by Keith Ashton

Start of hike from Injasuti

Dave pointing out features & history of the area

Climbing Van Heyningen's Pass

Awkward stream crossing for Margaret

Rose looking pleased near top of pass

Anya & view from top of pass

1st rest at top of pass

Brunsviga natalensis

Anya & Leia pushing Dave to speed-up

Lovely pool - steep down but close to cave

Rose & Lee-Ann on way to pool

Peter cooling off

Lets have a swim in the pool

Valley with pool close to cave

Margaret higher up Valley

Another cave nearby will sleep 10

Closer view of nearby pool

Rose says it sucks

Joan & Lee-Ann having massages

Margie's cosy corner

What a comfortable cave

Leia - I love this cave & my mum

Supper time

What a Wonderful morning view

Special foot treatment from Leia

Rose a young & Leia an even younger lady

What a view - this is the life

Max says can you spot the hole in Intunja

On our way to descend Van Heyningen's Pass

Lee-Ann gets her feet wet again

Margie saying how do I get out of this position

Nearly back at office

Anya & Leia - end of tiring hike - but when's the next one