Sweetwaters Cottage Weekend 5-7th November 2010
Photos & comments courtesy: Chris Simpson
Report by: Christie Exall

Team Photo - 439

The weekend 5-7th November was spent at SWEETWATERS COTTAGE with fellow hikers Keith (Leader), Margaret, Max, Chris, Brigitta, Christine, Rose & myself.

It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable weekends for a long time. The weather was glorious. We set off on Saturday morning (with our one-legged leader) in misty & cloudy conditions and these conditions persisted all day. Wonderful for hiking!

We headed off towards FUN CAVE. Our aim was JOHN’S CAVE. The location is a guarded secret. We reached this beautifully situated cave way before lunch. We had time to spare so after having an early lunch we explored this lovely area. Our way back was also a matter of exploring & we descended steeply down an unknown mountain side towards the Umzimkulu River, passing Margaret’s VENUS POOL.

On Sunday we set off towards the THREE POOLS VALLEY (this time with a legless leader!....after the previous night’s over indulgence) and on towards two caves with very good rock paintings. On our way back the four ladies decided to swim in the raw where we found a natural Jacuzzi. The men were sent packing! After much screaming & laughing we followed our legless leader & Chris back to the cottage. As tradition will have it, we tucked into Margaret’s delicious waffles & syrup. Something not to be missed.

Reluctantly we all headed home apart from Keith, Margaret & Max who were due to hike to WILSON”S CAVE on Monday.

The mind’s eye goes back to the beautiful green mountains, flowers in abundance, such as Phygelius aequilis, Cyrtanthus epiphyticus, Hermannia cristata & Hermannia woodii, Erica cerithoides, Rhodohypoxis baurrii, Pentanisia prunelloides, Hypoxis species, Berkheya species, Ledebouria species & Eulophia ovalis & I for one cannot wait to go back again.

Wild flower input by courtesy of Rose Dix.

Once more “THANK YOU” our legless leader for taking us on the weekend’s wonderful hikes.

Christie Exall

About to Skinny Dip - 403

Rock Art Site - 404

Flowers & Wet Cobwebs - 405

Taking a Break - 406

Completely Legless after Saturday Night - 407

What Goes Up Must Come Down - 409

Must Take a Closer Look - 410

Wow, That's Interesting - 411

I Carry These Mainly To Point - 412

Half Legless After Friday Night - 413

What Interesting Rocks - 414

John's Cave 1 - 415

John's Cave 2 - 416

Up We Go - 417

Peace - 418

Valley View - 419

High Mist - 420

Yet Another Beautiful Flower - 421

Yet Another Butterfly - 422

River Erosion - 424

Spot The Lizard - 423

You Walk, I Work - 425

Crocodile Rock -426

Kermit in Disguise - 427