Sweetwaters Cottage 25-27 JUNE 2010

We left the KZN Office heading towards Bushmans neck in beautifull weather and sunshine.

Stopped at the Mzimude river and bridge where Margaret removed her boots to cool off her feet. . Before crossing the bridge we turned right, in the direction of "Hidden Valley" . entering a long narrow ravine like valley and following the river upstream.

The high cliffs on either side afforded spectacular views and scenery. The river was crossed and owing to a reduced flow of water, did not require changing into " crocs". The water and pools were absolutely crystal clear. On arrival at Big Rock we stopped to eat whereupon we made our way out of the valley up onto the ridge following the original Hidden Valley return route in time to watch the first football " cup " match of the day. The evening braai ensued with T shirt weather and a full moon to read by. The fellowship was great .

The weather was duplicated on Sunday morning when we walked from'' Sweetwaters'' and again, followed the river upstream. Turning and going up the side of the mountain we were afforded an unrestricted view of ''Garden Castle'' and the valley below, we then descended the far side, entering Sweetwaters premises from the rear and receiving Margarets traditional reward of ''waffles'

Thank you so much to every one.

15. En-route to Hidden Valley

16. Mzimude river - is it a snake or skink

17. Closer view - note the legs

18. Bridge over Mzimude river before we take different route

19. Rose relaxing & contemplating

20.Off the normal beaten track up Hidden Valley

21. Off the normal beaten track up Hidden Valley

22. Margaret, Christie & Max continue up river

23. Still in Hidden Valley

24. John resting after lunch near Big-Rock pool - Hidden Val

25. Exploration hike behind cottage

26. Exploration hike behind cottage - Stella says lets face