Bushys Hike at PK LODGE UMKOMAAS VALLEY - 10k Hike - 33 hikers

Leader: Bushy Kirby
Report & Pics by: Roseanne Dix

On a typically glorious Natal late summer day, a very large convoy followed Bushy to this beautiful Venue overlooking the Umkomaas Valley.

The drive through bonnet-high grass was a bit disconcerting to little old ladies in TINY CITI-GOLFS.

33 people - from all our Hiking Clubs - assembled in a large paddock with happy looking cows and began the descent into the Valley, where curious giraffe eyed us from their lofty viewpoints and a herd of Wildebeest played 'tag'.

A brief stop in the shade - what a treat to find only indigenous trees - then a leisurely contour to a pretty little river where we cooled our feet before the very long - very hot - very very slow ascent out of the Valley. Much heavy breathing and an unusual silence from the more garrulous members (!)

Having finally reached the ever retreating top, we lay around in the grass and shade, catching up on old friendships and waiting for a few of the new hikers who were taking strain. Bushy very kindly ran back to fetch his 4x4 and rescued those in need.

Being such a hot day, many had run out of water , so were grateful for a top up from Bushys bottle of iced water.

We do hope that the new hikers will not be discouraged and will come back to join us for many more hikes.

Most of us then drove the 2ks to the Lodge - altho a few hardy types decided to walk-and walk-and walk- while we relaxed and admired the vista from the wide verandah. A very beautiful place to spend a few days.

Thank you so much Bushy and Pat - another notch in your belt for a great hike.

ps. PK Lodge is an abbreviation of PaardeKraal - the name of the area in the days of Cecil John Rhodes in the 1800s
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This lodge is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit.

All the Hiking Clubs well supported

Hiking is SUCH fun!

A welcome break in the Shade of beautiful old Indigenous trees

Iced Water and a beautiful view from the Lodge patio

Our Privileged View