Leader: Margaret Ashton
Report by: Melisa Munday

Attended by: Leader: Margaret; Rose, Max, Rinaldo, Nicky, Alvin, Iris, Lawrence, Darrell and Melisa

Saturday 10 of us met at Injasuti. This was a first for Darrell and myself to Injasuti as well as our first overnight cave. We thought seeming it’s a “novice” hike we had better give it a try. We had already done our first hike at Kamberg so let’s try something new on our second hike! So off we went with our seemingly over packed backpacks. The weather was great with a cool, light drizzle … which meant wet feet later.

So off we went (huffing and puffing), up and up … stopping only briefly so we could catch up and off again.

We started up the pass through the gorge, which has the most beautiful vegetation, little streams and waterfalls. I soon forgot about the weight of my backpack and absorbed all the beauty around us. We really don’t take enough time to look at our own country’s beauty. Hiking gives us the wonderful opportunity to see what the average person doesn’t get to see.

Well after doing months worth of “high impact aerobics” we eventually dragged ourselves to the top of the pass and collapsed at the top for a well earned snack. We heard there was a wonderful view from up there but all we could see was mist. ‘On the road again’ and off in the direction to Wonder Valley again. The only other company on the way was a loud troop of Baboons with the largest male I’ve never seen, but they moved off after a while of voicing their opinion.

Then at last … “Wonder Valley Cave”…. What a lovely view from the cave!

On arrival we were met by our little “host” a mouse with strips down its back! He was so overwhelmed to greet us that he came scampering across from his tree truck to get a closer look at us from beneath the rocks! I think he saw us as his next meal supply! How cute…! He made us feel quite welcomed.

Well we were shown our “straw rooms under the cave ledge and we made ourselves at home; unpacking the Kitchen and bedroom! Then down to the water supply and to view the pool – very tempting but a little too cold (we’ll take a refreshing dip next time – weather permitting). Then up again with our water. After a well deserved lunch it was time to try out some of the new equipment, so out with the mattresses and sleeping bags etc. And that’s the last I remember … zzz … after hauling up my ’10 ton’ backpack to the cave I crashed!! (Sorry to be bad company…)

We woke up in time for a quick clean up and supper was on the go. Interesting to see what everyone had brought with!

As tradition has it we all squeezed into one ‘room’ and Margaret introduced us to the Ramsbottoms in a bedtime poem called “Albert and the Lion”. What a great atmosphere, all snug with the rain just outside. Then it was round two … we all crashed!!

I woke just in time to see the last of the sun rise and what a splendid sight! The sun was shine on the Big Berg lighting it up. With the mist the previous day I didn’t know it was there. What a way to spend the week end.

The views on our way back were great – it was like taking a new route with the sun shining and the mist gone.

I was delighted to see a herd of Eland … I’ve heard they run wild in the berg … great to see them.

Well what a splendid week end, good company, lots of fresh air and exercise and I haven’t slept that well in ages! So if you haven’t been to Wonder Valley Cave yet … make a note in your dairy! Thanks to Margaret and fellow hikers for a memorable week end.

Following pics courtesy of Rose Dix:

With our Wonderful leader...MARGARET!!!!!!!!!!

Cold, Wet and Very Happy...

Melissa - Nicky - Rinaldo
The first-time-cavers wondering what was in store

A Warm (!) welcome to New Members and New Cavers..
....Darrell & Melissa

Happy Families...
Iris, Alvin and Lawrence Stevens

Introducing our new members to their Ensuite Cave
Welcome Rinaldo and Nicky

The water was a LONG WAY down down down....
(but worth the trip)

Margarets "Bedtime Stories"
A lovely way to round off a perfect day

Sunday Sunshine
A breather before the long and slippery descent

Sunny Smiles from Our Fabulous Leader