Leader: Allison Gunning
Report by: Marina Jurgens

A wonderful day in the outdoors was had by all who attended the hike on Sunday.

Thank you Allison!

We set off at 09h35 and peered over the edge of a cliff at the beautiful scenery of the Umgeni River below.

Allison then announced that this was where we would be descending. It never fails to amaze me (being fairly new at this) that we actually CAN do it!

After descending we walked along a rocky pathway along side a cliff face that has been there since time immemorial and came across

The most amazing variety of ferns. It did in deed look like a picture from a fairy tale.

All through out the hike we were accompanied by a feathered choir consisting of various Loeriies, a black MALE Cuckoo, and the ever present PIET MY VROU

And a Hadidah. (Thanx)

Some of us kept a watchful eye out for the resident African Rock Pythons which apparently reside there but didn't see any.

We had a tea break at a beautiful spot looking onto a waterfall, and then continued walking along side the Umgeni River before ascending again to a view point.

A sign at bottom read BEWARE OF CROCS, again a first for me!

We made our way up to the Kranskop view point after stopping for a brief bite of lunch on the grass outside the HONEY MOON hut. A very romantic little place for those interested! The views were AWESOME from the Kranskop.

We then set off for the homeward journey. Rose is adamant that we walked an extra km further than we needed to!

(I suspect Rose was suffering from chocolate withdrawal as hers had been hijacked earlier)

Thanks again for a fun filled day and I would encourage other members who haven't yet experienced Cumberland to do so because you won't be sorry!