Led by Selven Nyker, Photos courtesy: Rose Dix

A brief report by Selven on the hike:
The day started off with overcast skies and light rain in the Dargle valley between 07.30 and 08.00.After registration and paying our entry fees, 23 people began the walk up the steep slope just before 09.00 from MOUNT PARK. The air was cool, breezy and refreshing. Couldn’t wish for anything better with the weather and the company. Pete Koen, Neville Lee, Kirsten Nieser, Rose Dix, Fiona Bell, Marina Jurgens, Marie Chantal Peeters, Howard Townshend, Kathy Tivers, Mark Brassell, Gill Plummer, Tony Moreno, Chris Dobson, Adrian Rowe, Maurice Rall, Marika Nanasi, Grant Cove, Christie Exall, Peter Comrie, Sue Ramsay, Elizabeth and Graham Mannall. A well-maintained path guided us up the steep slope to the ridge above the Everglades Hotel. We had climbed about 400 metres, The skies had cleared. It was sunny, breezy and exhilarating. The 360 degree view of the farmlands, the mountains ,the valleys and the Drakensberg range in the distant west was stunning. After a short rest at the beacon and a slow descent we reached the hotel before 14.00. We left after refueling and partaking of the friendly atmosphere at the Everglades.
A most enjoyable day

The Start

Nasty hills near the top


Christie and Chris at the beacon

Happy Adrian at the top


Graham caught napping

Happy hikers

Coming down


A bonus at the end of our Hike