Day Hike in Umgeni Valley (Howick). Saturday 30th May 2009
Led by Keith Ashton
Photos contributed by Dave Sclanders, Rose Dix, & Rod Hart (comments by Rod)

Team Photo

Overlooking Umgeni Valley

Keith waiting for everyone to catch up

Rose pointing out our route

One tall aloe

Magnificent candelabra

Margaret and the wild dagga...

Along the valley

This was a grade 2 hike with plenty of rest stops...

Hiking along the upper contour through the brown Autumn grass

Lunch stop looking over Africa

Lower Dwarf's Dawdle: some went down on their rear...others cautiously...

...while Margaret chose to go in reverse

Further along the Lower Dwarf's Dawdle

Another aloe poses for a photo

"Old and prickly"

Another magnificent specimen along the path (the cycad that is...)

You can get really close to the Zebra...and even closer with a 6X zoom

Haughty look from a zebra

"Yay! What a GREAT hike!"