Circular day Hike from Enon Cottage in Byrne (Richmond) area. 17th May 2009
Led by Dave Tighe

Photos by Rod Hart

"Enon Cottage" An ex-foresters cottage. Margaret in the cottage lounge

Dave Tighe (on left) getting us ready

Horses showing interest - near the original foresters cottage

In the same area Keith investigates an old wooden water wheel

A hard climb through the indigenous forest - fortunately well shaded. Dave explaining various aspects of the environment as we went along

At last onto the flat plateau we get a chance to appreciate how high we had climbed

Settling down for our lunch break. Hikers bask under the Autumn sun

An old cast iron boiler outside Malcolm Anderson's museum

Weathered hardy aloes on rocky plateau

View from the highest point looking back towards Enon Cottage

Heading back along a firebreak

The steeeep path down