Ribbok Hiking Trail, Golden Gate.

One of the many most beautiful trails in our beloved country.

And so glad to say,
nothing has changed the enchanting gold of the sunrise on the mountains
the force of the wind on Knee Brake ridge
and the melancholic sound of a lonely black wildebeest.

But, as with so many other  it used to be -
it is sad to say
the winds of change has reached and hit the overnight hut of Ribbok Hiking Trail.
More of the stormy night as we had a week ago, and the wind might change that hut for ever, if not for good ..

It used to be
a hut with a proper fitted roof
not requiring some strong hiker to jump up in the middle of the night (wrong guess, no, not to visit the - - - ;>)
to ramp up the roof to secure the IBR sheets ama-Africa (good guess yes, rocks)

It used to be
a hut with 18 beds, 18 planks, 18 mattresses
not 18 beds, 9 planks, 6 mattresses for 7 hikers& & ..
ama-Africa you cannot expect your humble hiking fee to include a bed AND a hollow wire mesh AND a plank AND a mattress

It used to be
a clean hut with a clean kitchen with a clean floor
not some falling apart shelter like a robber's den


Dear fellow hikers young and old,
on your next Ribbok hike, be strong and be bold
forget the hut, take your tent, and enjoy the gold,

or forget the past and stand aloof;
then fill your backpack with a rock for the roof.
And be glad ! the windows still have their burglarproof.

Your hiking stick may be just right
to keep the kitchen door closed for the night;
so the weary body can sleep well and sleep tight
(except the one without a mattress, who had some discomfort fight)

It used to be nice to take a candle,
but now the window does not have a handle.

Hikers don't freak
even if both toilets leak.

Instead of a hat,
take a refuse bin,
because the smelly stuff and all that,
now accumulates in the kitchen in.
At least - the fire place still stands !
and we had really enough wood to warm our food and our hands
while sitting on the Flintstone benches, which are still there too - to heavy to take ?
to hard to break ?

Next time you go hiking there,
just be of the remains of the hut aware -
then ENJOY ! the trail
no matter what kind of weather prevail.

To all of you happy hiking ! and ..
may you have enough reason to ?
feel the warmth on your skin
enjoy the company of your fellow hikers
and go home with joy in your heart

because nothing can change the hiking therapy of good sweat and good company !

Kind regards,
Kerneels and Petro
Rolf and Silvia
+ 3 youngsters from Germany and The Netherlands

(ed: some words of the poem were changed as the original source was corrupted)