2008.08.10 - Enon/Minerva Hike 12ks 400m climb

Val Spicer,Lin Naylor, Fay Fenn, Maurice Rall, Neville Lee, Bruce Aiken, Max Ramseier, Bronwyn Jones, Gillian Cruikshank,Rose Dix, Albert Carelse, Di Tighe and our Leader Dave Tighe

On a typically gorgeous KZN day, we gathered at the cute little Enon Cottage, eager for Daves new Hike up to the Wilderness area at the top of Minerva Heights. The first part of the hike was easy on well-maintained plantation roads, after which we bush-bashed through long grass to the ever receding top where we were greeted by the vibrant reds of showy Greyia Sutherlandii (Bottlebrush) against a bright blue sky. Apodolirions (Natal Crocus) nestled between shiny grey rocks, sparkling against the newly burnt grassland No wonder we drive long distances to savour these splendours.

We lunched next to a big dam, some of us having a well earned nap while the others caught up with news.

Dave then led us down a steep path though a very old indigenous forest, where, if you can stop and feel the silence, you can imagine all manner of small folk inhabiting the enormous hollow trees.

Dave took us to a magic circle which has been cleared in the forest, where one can camp. Imagine that!

Dave, thank you for yet another wonderful hike and so many thanks for Di and Albert who perfected the art of tea making.

Roseanne Dix.

Three Wise Men