Keith and Margaret Ashton: Christie Exall; Margret Kirsten; Margaret Robberts, Peter and Anica Wedge, Gill Plummer; Tony Moreno; Rose Dix

A weekend at Keith and Margaret’s Cottage is always eagerly awaited and this was no exception. Having arrived quite early on Friday, most of us had a short walk to Three Pools – however Peter took an interesting diversion but I wont sully his version of what really happened!!! I am sure you will enjoy his story!

Margret Kirsten made a delicious Gluwein which we sipped next to the roaring fire, while making plans for Saturdays hike.

As poor Keith’s foot will not allow him to hike, Margaret led us to Hidden Valley, a beautiful easy hike of 19ks. We lunched at Sherry Cave which purports to sleep 12…those of you who have been there will appreciate the optimism with which that was written on the map!

On the way home, we watched a Rhebok sprinting gracefully and effortlessly up a vertical mountainside. We had sightings of several solitary eland – as well as a small group of 3 who watched our progress with interest.

That night, the crisp winter weather provided the perfect opportunity for a roaring braai fire.

There is an enticing Hill behind Keith’s Cottage which beckoned us with its hidden ‘summits’. Having breathlessly reached the beacon at the top, we had all-round views of Rhino and Garden Castle, then descended gently to the path near Three Pools – and so ended another fabulous weekend.

Keith, we will be thinking of you constantly and wishing you well with the forthcoming foot operation…how good you are to keep your fitness going with those really strenuous bike rides!

Thank you, Keith and Margaret, for your hospitality and for giving us all another memorable weekend.

And a huge Thank You to Margaret for leading us so thoughtfully and so well -.
You are SUCH a good leader…

Roseanne Dix

Eland encountered on the way to climb the mountain behind Keith & Margaret's cottage.

Determined hikers climbing the steep slopes.

Ever steeper but nearly there.

We made it.