Allison’s Mount Gilboa - 2008.07.26 - SATURDAY HIKE - about 12km including a climb of about 650 metres

Jack leading us to the top of Gilboa.

19 Hikers.. Margret Kirsten, Margaret Roberts, Graham and Jean Ward, Peter Comrie, Adrian Rowe, Peter Wedge, Neville Lee, Lindy Farrell, Jen and Mike McCrombie, Jack Long, Libbie Deysel, Iris and Alvin Stevens, Joan Templeton and Howard Townsend, Rose Dix, Our Leader..Allison Gunning

Allison’s hikes are always so popular and this one lived up to – and passed – all expectations.

Most of us have climbed Gilboa several times and were possibly thinking it would be a nice bit of slightly boring ‘leg work’. Well, exercise it certainly was, but with an element of surprise, as this time we started off from the neighbouring farm “BUSHWILLOW PARK” taking a completely different route through a pristine indigenous forest, emerging higher than Grey Mare’s Tail Falls and further to the south. Having gained a good height, we were reluctant to backtrack down to the falls so we continued up through grassland for an easy climb to the Gilboa Summit.

Jack Long – a legend - and one we proudly call a friend – lead us up to the Beacon, where we relaxed in the sunshine and exchanged news over our varied lunches.

We made our way gingerly down the newly blackened face of Gilboa…not wanting to resort to our usual inelegant manner of descent, which would have caused tell-tale markings on our shorts. Very little water was flowing over the falls, but those sheer cliffs are impressive at any time of year.

We returned along the ‘old’ path detouring through the Clivia Glade, and then back to the cars with a few potentially wrong turns to keep us alert.

Mr Irvine Shaw has marked out this path so clearly. He has obviously put in so much work – there are also delightful little cottages and caravan sites which are available for hire, …certainly opening up all sorts of new adventures for “the Boot Brigade”

Thank you Allison – your hikes are always such a joy and you are such a patient, resourceful leader. Thank you too, to Adrian with your maps and helpful info… a great day’s hiking with that exciting element of surprise of being in unknown territory.

Roseanne Dix

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Tea Break before we set off for the Top.