2008.06 13-16 :
14 adults 2 children

Brian Henwood (Leader), Veronica Henwood, Karen Henwood, Lloyd Hardman, Keith & Margaret Ashton, Christie Exall, Rose Dix, Melody Verbaan, Bushy & Pat Kirby & grandson Andrew, Hettie Randall & granddaughter Jessica, Ossie & Libby Deysel.

Rocky Bay is an extremely popular campsite, proven by the solid wall of luxury caravans with obligatory satellite dishes. However, having negotiated our way through the maze, we located our private camping space---just metres from the sea and with an unspoilt view all the way to the horizon.

We walked to Pennington (a round walk of about 18ks) in search of scones, but had to settle for huge slices of delicious cake and ice-cream. A most welcome treat after the plod in soft beach sand. Margaret and Melody did an excellent job of cleaning up the sandy coves which were littered with bottles and fisherman’s trash. Our Saturday night braai at Bushy’s luxurious tent was warm and friendly with the usual chat between good friends, which is what Midlands Club epitomises.

Most of us drove to Vernon Crookes – where Brian led us on a winding path though grassland and forest. The aloes are in full bloom, showing off their vibrant shades of red and orange. There were baby zebras – still in their woolly baby coats – grazing unconcernedly next to their Mums.

The two young children were so good and hiked very strongly with Brian’s innovative ideas keeping them from boredom. Sun Evening – another braai made special by the donation of very large hunks of fish (WAHOO?) from a friendly neighbour.

home time again, but this time the tedium of breaking camp was lifted by the magnificent display of dolphin and whales playing with what must have been the remains of the Sardine Safari. The gleaming backs of the dolphins arching through the waves and plumes of spray from the whales were a magnificent sight.

Another beautiful weekend blessed with the type of perfect weather which makes us all Proudly South African. A very special weekend with a very special leader.

Thank You Brian for all your hard work in making this weekend such a pleasure

Roseanne Dix

The "bag ladies" - Margaret & Melody did an excellent job clearing rubbish as we hiked from Rocky Bay to Pennington & back.

Relaxing on the rocks at Rocky Bay.

"Hear no evil, Speak no evil, seen no evil" - Christie, Melody & Rose awaiting our evening braai.

Rocky Bay fishermen welcoming sunrise after a long night of fishing.

Margaret by her tent thinking - can't get much closer to the beach & sea than this.

Our group at Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve ready to start hiking.

The three terrifying triplets (Christie, Rose & Margaret) joking around at Vernon Crookes.

Rocky Bay fishermen in their boat waiting for the sardine run at sunrise.