“Midlands Hiking Club- Kamberg"
Kamberg Wildlife Area
Central Berg
1 June 2008

Report & Pics by Dave Sclanders

Kamberg Wildlife area, in the Central Drakensberg is seen mainly as a Trout Fishing destination. However for the more adventures hiker Kamberg has a lot to offer. With this in mind Allison , a leader in the Midlands Hiking Club had a day hike organized for a trip into this area.

The weather forecast for the day did not look promising, but the motto of “Don’t Cancel a Hike from home”, was true to itself, and 11 hikers enjoyed a good day of hiking in the area. A long walk up a very pretty valley with a river running below, produced changing scenery all the time. The higher hills caught the rays of the sun and gave the appearance of many differing colours of grass and rock.

The river crossing took a bit of time as the usual crossing place was too deep to cross, so a bit of exploration work up the river bank was needed to find a more suitable place. Lunch was had on a large rock outcrop, with a high rock face behind

After lunch the party climbed a steepish hill to get more views of the higher country side to the west. But what climbs up , must climb down sooner or later. A large outcrop of a huge Red looking boulder seemed out of place in the area. However, the views we had climbed up to see were there to be enjoyed. Going down the other side was a bit of a task, easier said than done. A bit later, an with some sore ankles, the inevitable Eland track was found , and we easily reached the lower end of the valley.

Then the party took a right turn and headed for the “Roman Baths” swimming pools in the river. A very stunning place to spend a nice hot summers day at. However, in winter the water is a bit cold to swim in. Nevertheless, a good spot to know.

As the temperature dropped, it was time to leave the pools, and pick up a brisk pace to return to the cars.

A great day, thanks to Allison for organizing it.