JANUARY 18 – 20 2008

Six intrepid members of the Hiking club set out early Saturday morning, full of vim and vigor: Margaret, Mark N Mark W, Irene, Keith and Mary.

We walked around the dam and over the hills, amazed and astounded by the beauty and the huge variety of the wild flowers. The day brightened as the sun came out, and all went well until we came to The Mysterious Sleepy Valley, where the beautiful but dangerous Lilium Soporifium was in full bloom.

As we crossed the valley, wondering at the beauty and profusion of the flowers, they seemed to have a strange effect on us. We became disorientated and our legs began to wobble uncontrollably.

Our senses became dulled as drowsiness threatened to overcome us, and the desire to lie down and sleep among the lilies was impossible to resist

Even Keith, the strongest and most able of all hikers started to lose control of his trusty hiking poles as he watched his companions sink to the ground.

Just in the nick of time, colourful Christopher Cricket came to our rescue, whispering the name of the flower which acts as the antidote to the deadly effects of the Soporifium.

The sweet Aster Alertus grows in profusion amongst the Soporifium. The scent of this little flower is able to overcome the hypnotic effects of the Soporifium.

And so we were able to escape from the Sleepy Valley in the nick of time. We sat on a grassy bank, recovering from the drowsy effect of the flowers, reveling in the peace and beauty of the mountains, and enjoying the companionship of this wonderful group of hikers.