“Kosi Bay Trail”
May 2007
Submitted by Keith Aston
Some photos as follows of the Kosi Bay Trail (done in May 07) & afterwards (Mary & Mark joined us at NDUMU, MKHUZE & ST LUCIA. Peter Wedges report of the Kosi Bay Trail has still to be fitted in (I will provide some photos of the trail with Peter's report) so most of these photos are after the trail..

On the trail passing a fish trap - My boots are leaking said one of the hikers.

On the trail - crossing the river to get to the raphia palm forest.

Close encounter with a white rhino at NDUMU

Seen at Mkhuze Village - "How's my driving"

Close encounter with crocs at St Lucia

I took this spectacular shot of 3 hippo (inc the baby trying to get into the act) - up the river at St Lucia.