“Weekend at Mountain Shadows Caravan Park”
Highmoor-Mountain Shadows
2-4 February 2007

It is an excellent venue - accommodation consisting of a 2-bed-roomed cottage, two timber cabins, two caravans & camping with electric points & very good ablutions. We filled all the accommodation as well as 3 members camping (16 in all). Allan & Margaret Herbst are the owners & always go the extra mile to make us comfortable - nothing is too much trouble for them. The site is also ideal for families as they have horses, sheep, geese, various types of chickens& other farm animals. The Little Mooi river runs along their boundary & this is great for swimming etc. There is a fully equipped roofed central boma, with indoor braai, tables & chairs, indoor lounge & even satellite TV - so even if it rains there is no problem.
Lovely flowers close to the property - River Lilies "Crinum bulbispermum" ? - Can any of our flower experts confirm this or correct the identification?

Our happy group of hikers before setting off to climb "The Beacon" & Mount Lebanon on Sat 3 Feb - From left to right Margret K, Morris, Margaret A, Noel (Noel stayed at camp with other members as she had stubbed her toe again), Margaret R, Graham, Grethe, Chris & Libby - our ninth hiker & leader (Keith) took the photo.

Morris Harper shouting "Are we nearly there?" on our Saturday climb up to the "Beacon" (600 metre vertical ascent), then along the top of Mount Lebanon, before descending down central gully & back to Mountain Shadows on a new hike of 14,5 km pioneered by our club.

The view of "The Beacon" & Mount Lebanon, taken from the grounds of "International Backpackers" & reflected on the surface of one of their dams.

The water babes Grethe & Margaret who could not resist cool-off in the Little Mooi River after descending the Middle Gulley from Mount Lebanon.

Graham & Margret in the doorway of a long abandoned (well built but now deteriorating) isolated building high up on the side of Mount Erskine - this was visited on Sunday 4 February whilst on another MHC pioneering hike.

Footnote : we got caught high up on Mount Erskine, shortly after passing this building, in a massive thunderstorm, the likes of which had not been seen in this valley for a long time. Needless to say we were like drowned rats as we made our way down in very poor visibility & torrential rain with lightning striking all around us. However we all got down safely & enjoyed a hot shower/bath & hot drinks etc. The Little Mooi river was in spate as were other streams in the area so we had to sit it out for a couple of hours before we could make our way home.
I later heard some comments similar to :- "We always have an adventure when we come hiking with Keith" - Well what is life without an adventure now & again.
We had a fantastic time with a great bunch of people - it was an absolute please to lead the weekend & thanks to all the participants.