12/13 October 2002


Thirteen members ( Keatingís, Ashtonís, Nykerís, Harperís, Mannís, Adieís and Mike Kirby) attended the meet.†† Six of the party arrived on Friday, set up camp and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon hike via Fairy Glen viewing the clear spectre of the Amphitheatre.†† A beautiful relaxing evening was broken at 9.00 pm by a heavy storm resulting in some tent occupants getting wet.†† Saturday morning was again a beautiful clear but indicating hot day.†† It did not disappoint us?


The remainder of the party arrived, quickly erected their tents and leaving Arlene to look after the site took off via Surprise Ridge to Cannibal Cave.†† The day was hot and after a pleasant stop in a cool forest two of the party decided to return to see how Arlene was coping with her tent watching duties.†† The hikers sweated up Surprise Ridge to panaramic Berg views extending to Cathkin Peak.†† After a short break enjoying the vista the party moved on to the cool shade of Cannibal Cave for lunch.


The return route via Lost Valley called for some uphill work to Castle Rocks where again we were rewarded by a more extended view.†† Some members found this hot going in the heat and took to sitting in the first available stream.


That evening all enjoyed a sociable braai around the Keating caravan.


A clear Sunday morning again promised a hot day and it was decided to do a forest walk to Gudu Falls.†† This offered some unexpected diversions watching a group of Endurance Competitors abseiling down and then prussicing up again while the meet leader spent some time looking for lost (?) hikers.†† The party then returned via Gudu Falls and Lockout Rock to lunch at the camp site.


Warwick Keating