6 April 2003


At 09:00 twenty-two members congregated outside Game at La Lucia Mall preparatory to setting off up the beach for Umhlanga Rocks.   The walk commenced through a bit of wooded area and on to the beach.    There was a fairly strong north-easterly headwind against which the party had to head in the direction of Umhlanga.   Undaunted, some chose to discard boots and shoes to paddled along at the water’s edge, while others selected the highground for comfortable walking.   Midway along a rest break was taken to catch breath and admire the surrounding view.


Umhlanga Rocks beach was packed with visitors but we managed to find a fairly large slice of sand on which to settle ourselves to sun-bathe, take a sea swim and delve into backpacks for something to nibble.   Had anybody forgotten to bring morning tea, hawkers with various foodstuffs on offer only too happy to display their wares were plentiful.


Having spent a lazy hour or so we continued up the beach towards the lagoon next to which is Nudist Beach, where several “old” bare male bottoms were on display.  They viewed us as being rather over dressed in our hiking-cum-beach garb, while we all politely pretended not to notice their nakedness.  By this time the temperature had risen somewhat and it was becoming rather hot.    The team turned south in the direction of the indigenous forests for a cool walk through bush, birdland and river crossings back to Umhlanga, where the party split up for lunch.   Some chose to picnic under the trees while others went for the steakhouse and yet others selected a pub lunch.   To each his own. 


An hour later most met up again for the return through the suburbs to La Lucia where we arrived at about 16h00 to retrieve our vehicles and head home.  

Thank you Graham for a most pleasant day.   We look forward to the next such walk.