MZIKI TRAIL – 26 TO 29 MAY 2000


Irene, Keith, Margaret, Warwick & Brenda headed off early on Friday 26 May for the Mziki Trail.


We checked in at the office at Mission Rocks to get all the information & then hiked up to the ex-Air Force concrete accommodation at Mount Tabor 2 km away, which is the base camp.


The trails are separate day hikes and we opted for the lake trail on day one. There were very fresh hippo tracks everywhere through the forest – there had been a dramatic storm the night before – so all dung & tracks were very clear, & although we could hear the hippo, we did not have any close encounters!

We did see many reedbuck in the open grasslands.


Day two saw us heading off on the 18km trail and, it being the longest, seems less used & not as well marked so we did a lot of walking & wondering where we were headed! Our leader found a way to the beach where we lunched & enjoyed the solitude & pristine beauty. The 8km along the beach ended up as about 1km so we did some extra walking to compensate!


On day three we completed the more southerly coastal stretch & then headed for a visit to Cape Vidal where the road was badly under water in one place & the Sani made an interesting bow wave as we nosed out of the “river”.


Highlights of the Trail were the glorious sunrises over the sea viewed from the beacon at Mount Tabor; the magnificent sunsets over the lake; the fat little red duiker darting into the forest from the beach; the very well equipped & comfortable accommodation & the wonderful “throne” from where we could view (singly of course) a pair of fish eagles. Truly a Loo with a View!


Brenda Keating