30/31 OCTOBER 99

The camp has all the usual facilities plus instant boiling water on tap, ideal for that refreshing cup of tea or coffee.


Brenda, Warwick, Frank (guest), Campbell, Lorraine, Mike, Deneys & Arlene arrived at the camp on Friday night & got well settled in although it did rain overnight. Margaret & Keith arrived early Saturday morning  & quickly pitched tent. Then we all set off except for Lorraine who had sore feet from the Kosi Bay Trail.


Brenda, Deneys, & Arlene went to Surprise Ridge & the rest of us led by Warwick went up Broome Hill (2213m) via Castle Rocks & the “Hole in the Wall” which was an opening in enormous rocks just large enough to crawl through on hands & knees. We saw two Berg Adders en-route.


After lunch on the summit & admiring the lovely views, although a bit hazy, we made our way along the contour path towards The Crack. Suddenly Warwick & Frank who were at the front cried out & jumped high into the air. They were being “attacked” by a very large brown snake which at first glance was thought to be a Cape Cobra! However on closer very wary inspection we came to the conclusion that it was a Mole Snake, which can be very aggressive when startled but is harmless. After this encounter we stepped more warily. (Keith’s photograph of the snake has still to be developed).

The weather had been quite kind until we started to descend The Crack when it suddenly started to thunder & rained heavily making the descent quite slippery. However we all got down safely, it stopped raining & we meandered back to camp.


Rain started again later & Deneys & Arlene decided they did not want to risk another rainy night so they left for home despite our pleading with them to stay.


Warwick & Brenda had their caravan complete with double awning so the rest of us temporarily abandoned our tents & congregated under the awning of  “Keatings’ Kontinental Kafe” where many Kontinental Kocktails were consumed in honour of Brenda & Campbell who both had birthdays the previous week.


Sunday we awoke to brilliant sunshine & clear blue sky (eat your hearts out Deneys & Arlene). We all went on a lovely walk along the contour path to Tendele admiring the many beautiful wild flowers & proteas along the way. Then after a rest under the shade of trees by the river we returned to camp, had a leisurely lunch, packed up & regretfully had to make our way home.


It was a very enjoyable week end , thank you Warwick & Brenda.


Margaret Ashton