9-11 February 2001


The “Lucky Thirteen” hikers, Keith, Margaret, Ian, Christine, Campbell, Lorraine, Graham, Greta, Dave, Pat, Bushy, Brenda and Warwick spent an enjoyable social week-end at Loteni camp site.   Friday night was highlighted by Greta’s comments on “Going to Bangkok” and a notable story on Saturday evening by Campbell on Wendy (?).


The Saturday hike took the party up Loteni Valley, past Symes Cottage with a short stop at the sandstone pools where “Mermaid” Greta took a swim.   Then on to Yellow Wood Cave, passing through an impressive yellowwood forest.   Return was along a path forming part of Eagle Trail.


Sunday the party went to Jacobs Ladder Falls.   Very impressive with the higher water flow due to the recent rains.   Pat Kirby “took to the heights” and climbed with most of the party to the top of the lower section of the waterfall.


The route home was via “Cool Pools”  where most of the party had a refreshing swim.


Warwick Keating