25 February 2001


Twenty-three stalwarts (Aris, Barbara, David, Warwick and Brenda, Mary, Jan, Deneys and Arlene, Campbell and Lorraine, Merle, Des, Graham and Jean, Anton and Penny, Casper and Liz, Keith and Margaret, Morris and Noël) set off from their various points to meet at the Highmoor Office by 08:30 on Sunday, 25 February.   Leader Keith arrived closely behind us as we pulled under a shady tree in the hopes of keeping the car cool for the day.   Everyone present and correct and formalities over we set off after Keith in the direction of KaDedakushe Falls.   We later heard that Joan Davidson and family arrived after the party had already departed.   Hope you nevertheless enjoyed your day Joan. 


Through the gate, down the hill we traipsed and across the stream to come to an abrupt halt, about turned and headed back up the hill.   On every walk it is guaranteed that an ‘unsure of our position’ will occur at some point.   Fortunately on this occasion it happened early before everyone began feeling a little tired and jaded.


Back on course we trundled up a steady incline on a relatively good path until the party reached a point where there was a path off to our left returning to the Camp.   Here Casper elected to call it a day and return to the vehicles, there to await the return of the hardy twenty-two.


The path continued on its gentle uphill climb around the corner over the hill to our right to the Mkhomazi/Mdedelelo Plaque commemorating Highmoor as a Declared Wilderness Area by S P Botha on 18 May 1973, where a short water-break was taken.  From our vantage point Eland and Baboon were visible in the valley far below.    Although it was a partially overcast day with moderate temperatures we still felt rather humid when having run out of path we started flogging up the hills over tufts of grass following our noses in the direction of the Falls.   Keith headed off following the lower slope to our left while Margaret craftily remained on the high ground to the right, as it turned out the more direct route.


Lunch found everyone sitting on rocks or lying on the grass above magnificent twin falls, rucksacks open, enjoying with relish the contents thereof.   Anyone who felt  inclined was invited to climb down to the bottom of the falls for a better view from below, but there were no takers, all preferring to recover their breath, relax and enjoy the view from the top.


Lunch over and water bottles replenished Keith lead us up a steep incline which appeared to be never-ending.  Half-way up there was some excitement when

Arlene narrowly missed stepping on a Puff-Adder.   Fortunately the snake had also recently enjoyed a filling lunch and was not particularly interested in a bunch of hikers, all it wanted was to sleep it off in the warming sun which had now started to show its face more and more.


Once again back at the Plaque a short rest was taken.   With the home straight in sight feet moved into top gear.   Stepping it out the Camp came into view with most welcome drinks on which to cool off.   There was a sudden drop in temperature with a cold  wind whipping up.   Most decided it was probably a good time to head home.   A most enjoyable day - until the next time we go a-walking.