21 March 2001


Wednesday, 21st March (Human Rights Day) found Bushy, Pat, Mike, Margaret, Keith, Graham, Jean, Graham, Grethe, Joan, Andrew, V, Warwick and Brenda driving to Kranskop and heading for the Edan Experience.   Arriving at the farm of Edsel and Anita, we were ushered on to the verandah of their lovely home and whilst being treated to tea and scones were told about the fauna and flora of the area and history of the Fort cherry occupants during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.  Then piling into two vehicles we left for the start of the trail.   Edsel, who lead us on the trail showed us the deep trench of the fort – now a National Monument.


At first the trail wanders along the edge of the Escarpment and then winds down through indigenous forest to the little stream about 400 m below.  Once down at river level we headed upstream passing sites being cleared for small private tented camps and eventually arriving at the swimming pool and waterfall where some of the group had a refreshing dip and then a leisurely lunch.  This was followed by the return trip along the river and passing our entry point headed down through a beautiful gorge and later on to large smooth rock formations where we sat and enjoyed the view. 


The return back to the top was via the alternate “roped” route up a series of rocky waterfalls and required some interesting manoeuvring to negotiate the various hazards.  The reluctant cragswoman amongst us was needing all the help she could get from pushing, shoving, pulling, tugging members – for which grateful thanks!


The trail was really enjoyable and the tented sites would be an interesting option; and with more rungs on the rope ladders, at present designed for long-legged people, the direct route up would be a must for members looking for a bit of adventure.


Brenda Keating