Sunday 17 September 2000


Five of us, Aris, Deneys, Peter, Margaret & Keith (leader) set off from the Ashton home in Riley Crescent Howick at about 09h00.


It was a nice sunny morning but windy with some threatening clouds about as we made our way across the fields past the new protea plantations before reaching the Curry's Post road.


We walked past the Red Fox Inn and shortly afterwards climbed up a steep bank on the left to make our way up to the top of Beacon Hill, passing the forest on our right.

As we reached the brow of Beacon Hill the magnificent view of Midmar Dam and the whole of Howick was spread out below us. We sat down on some rocks near the beacon to take in this glorious view for a few precious moments. (Beacon Hill is now a protected area). Anyone with an interest in indigenous plants and flowers can have a real field day here.


We then made our way down the other side of the hill, still taking in the views over Howick before we reached Lake View Road (aptly named), where Peter used to live.


Next it was down Plane Crescent walking in the shade of these lovely trees before we headed towards the Umgeni River, passing the Girl Guides & Scout Huts on our way (these were never so close in my day).


The walk along the river was as nice as ever. Sitting on the grass very close to the river we enjoyed lunch in the warm sunshine.


After lunch we continued our walk, still close to the river and as we passed Mills Falls we noted the women doing their washing of clothes in the river.


We veered away from the river as we reached Kwa Mevana and headed upwards to reach Oakleigh Drive. From here we intended to walk to Howick Falls and then to descend into the gorge to view the falls from the bottom but we were hit by a thunderstorm with pouring rain and a strong wind. We aborted the idea of descending into the gorge and instead made our way back to our house like drowned rats, for some well deserved hot tea and cakes.


It is intended to do a similar walk at some future date to include the gorge walk.


Keith Ashton