7 TO 9 APRIL 2000


Ian, (leader), Christine, Joan, Andrew, Campbell, Lorraine, Deneys, Arlene, Brenda, Warwick, Mike, Keith and Margaret had a very enjoyable weekend here.


The campsite and ablutions were tidy and clean and came complete with two enormous potbellied pigs (the campsite not the ablutions). The view over the dam towards Giant’s Castle was magnificent.


The weather was glorious, warm and sunny during the day, a bit of a nip in the air at night.


We all arrived on the Friday evening and got off to a good start on the Saturday to World’s View (1842m) from Giant’s Castle Reserve.

Due to the colder and wet weather during the earlier part of the week the top of Giant’s and environs were covered in snow that contrasted sharply with the bright blue sky.


We had a pleasant walk mostly along a contour path to World’s View which lived up to it’s name with 360 degree views.

It was about a 12 km walk.

One of our party had forgotten his boots so it was takkies for him. After a nice evening braai and a few drinks and much ribald laughter, it was fairly early to bed.

Next morning (Sunday) we went up White Mountain (Natabamhlope) 1983m high.


The takkies having fallen apart during the night it was strops for one. Good job we weren’t staying any longer­- bare feet next!

The view from the top was worth the effort, panoramic view from Giant’s to Cathedral Peak. Total walking distance about 12 km.

The route home is better through Escourt as the back roads after Rosetta have very deep and numerous potholes.

We should do these hikes again. It was a very good weekend.

Thanks go to Ian for his organising.


Margaret Ashton.