22 January 2017

Report by Rod Hart, photos by Rod Hart, Carolee Thompson and Tanya Adey

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Katy Hart led the group of 21 hikers from Bushwillow Park up through the largely indigenous forest to the top of Grey Mare's Tail Falls, a spectacular sight as the photos show. After lunch Carolee led a group further up to successfully summit Mt Gilboa, one of the Club's "Big Four" challenges for the year. Of interest is that the path up through the forest is an original foresters path which has ben reopened, the Falls apparently stand 101m high. To avoid the steep decline on the way back a less steep though longer route was opted for and proved to be quite tiring as it did not provide the deep shade of the forest.

Thanks Katy for once again leading a most enjoyable hike.

Carolee Thompson's photoset - Proof of summiting Mt Gilboa:

Tanya Adey's photoset: