Minerva Heights, Byrne, 24th February 2013

Leader: Bushy Kirby
Report and photos: Annie Waterhouse

Christie, John, Annie, Pat and Bushy set off from the Minerva Heights farmhouse in thick mist. Because of the conditions Bushy decided not to hike to Breakfast Rock but to scale the heights behind the house. The heavy dew on the grass and flowering plants created a magical atmosphere of sparkle and shimmer. The downside to this however was wet shoes and feet!!!

On route to the relay masts we peered over the edge to see the magnificent indigenous forest below!!! Well Bushy told us it was a magnificent indigenous forest below we had to believe him as the heavy mist kept this delight from us until passing it on our return when we were rewarded with a wonderful view!

Pic 2: Misty Aloes
Pic 3: Morning view

We hiked to the relay masts which are 1556m above sea level. Our experience was of spectres in the mist suddenly appearing in the gloom!!!

Pic 4: Misty masts
Pic 5: A triumph reaching the beacon!!!
Pic 6: Fortunately the GPS knew where we were.

Pic 7-9: Some amazing wild flowers.

While having lunch the sun came out and we had a lovely unhurried hike back to the farmhouse.

Pic 10: Lunch
Pic 11: View
Pic 12: Christie & view

A leisurely 10km hike in cool conditions, greatly enjoyed by all. Many thanks Bushy!